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I am seriously in love with these houses.
"i said to the sun, tell me about the big bang. the sun said, it hurts to become."
―andrea gibson, i sing the body electric, especially when my power’s out   (via deerwillow)
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Dog donating blood. Blood transfusions have many uses and can be critical, life-saving procedures even for dogs. Dogs like humans, have blood groups and can be blood typed. Ideally, donor and recipient should be type matched. An ideal blood donor is a friendly, healthy, clinically animal that is not pregnant or has not produced a litter if unspeyed. Blood is usually taken into standard human blood bags or syringes that contain anti-coagulant. A large accessible vein is needed-this is typically in the neck or, sometimes, the cephalic vein on the front of the foreleg. The area is usually clipped and cleaned and aseptically prepared before insertion of the needle. A standard blood donation in the dog is 450ml (‘one canine unit’) and this can safely be obtained from a 25kg dog; smaller amounts may be obtained from smaller dogs.