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A man picks up burning tear gas can and throws it back at police in Ferguson Missouri. WITH AN AMERICAN FLAG SHIRT AND BAG OF CHIPS IN ONE HAND. Photo by Robert Cohen.

Vintage mink fur muff clutch circa early 60’s, Design house unknown.
Jennifer found this fur muff that’s actually a clutch on Ebay. Apparently it had only two previous owners, that’s why it’s in such mint condition. Cleverly keeps your hands and your personals warm and safe. It came with all these little satin coin purses and such. I may have to revisit this bag to capture all the accoutrements.

Balenciaga Spring 1999
What advice do you have for a 14 year old girl?


This is so vague I love it. The voices you are hearing are real, god is speaking to you. The nation of France needs you. Don your armor, take up arms, lead the French army. This is your destiny, joan. When the flames come for you let them lick your bones and laugh.


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